Spring Bank Holiday Weather

  • 24 hour accumulated precipitation forecast for the bank holiday weekend. (ECMWF EPS mean data used).

    Two metre temperature anomaly (deviation from seasonal mean) forecast across Europe for next weekend based on the ECMWF EPS mean.

    ECMWF deterministic forecast for cloud cover and extreme temperatures across the UK next weekend.

  • Spring Bank Holiday Weather
    21.05.2016 15:31

    Looking ahead to the Spring Bank Holiday that falls next weekend (28th-30th May) we will examine the current model guidance and try and pin-point spots across the UK and Europe which will experience notable weather types.


     Unfortunately, current indications suggest that a trough or area of low pressure will drift in from the Atlantic and take up residence in central Europe. This system looks set to bring unsettled conditions across much of central and western Europe over the Bank Holiday weekend. Attempting to provide a precise weather forecast can be troublesome a week out but we will try and put some detail on the expected conditions.

    The good and the bad

    Positive precipitation anomalies are expected across much of central Europe, stretching  west to northern Spain and east towards parts of south-eastern Europe. Daytime conditions across this region are expected to be showery with some thundery downpours likely. However, there will be some sunny spells across the region and temperatures are expected to be above average as warm, moist air is advected up from North Africa.

    That’s the bad news but there is some good news too! For those seeking spring sunshine there will be some areas that will experience predominantly fine weather. Much of Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and southernmost Italy will stay dry with warm sunshine. South-eastern parts of Spain will escape much of the unsettled conditions and are likely to see good sunny spells. If the latest guidance proves correct the best weather conditions in Europe are likely to be experienced in Scandinavia as an area of high pressure builds . Temperatures will be well-above average through much of the region and days will be long and mostly sunny.

    Top 3 sunshine destinations in Europe next weekend

    1. Oslo, Norway
    2. Athens, Greece
    3. Dubrovnik, Croatia


    And back in the UK…

    There will be a general increase in cloud across many southern and central parts of the UK on Friday with some patchy rain. However, some sunshine will break through at times. The best conditions will be across Scotland and the Northern Isles with spells of sunshine.

    Moving into the weekend itself this general theme is expected to persist with central and southern parts of the UK likely to see showers or longer spells of rain. Thunderstorms may move into southern Britain from the near continent at times. For Scotland and the Northern Isles there will be somewhat drier conditions, especially to the west of high ground. It is likely that north-western parts of Scotland will experience the best conditions through Saturday and Sunday.

    Top 3 ‘sun spots’ in the UK

    1. Oban
    2. Ullapool
    3. Stromness


    Whatever the weather, MeteoGroup wishes you a safe and enjoyable Spring Bank Holiday weekend!

    By: Matthew Martin