Out with the cold and in with the mild

  • Difference in maximum temperatures from this week to next week. Photo: MG Midas

    Observed minimum temperatures this week. Photo: MG Midas

  • Out with the cold and in with the mild
    03.12.2016 17:40

    Many of us will agree that the later part of November has been rather cold albeit relatively dry. It now looks like for the first part of December things will be changing. Temperatures are forecast to be on the up with more unsettled weather coming as the current synoptic set up starts to break down at the start of this coming week.

    With high pressure sitting over the UK this past week, many places saw plenty of sunshine. The days were generally cold and crisp, but with these sunny days came clear and frosty nights and the temperatures fell quite significantly in a number of places. Scotland saw its coldest November temperature since 2010 with Braemar falling as low as -12.1C during the night of November 20th. Last Tuesday night just gone saw temperatures drop to a very cold -9.5C at Sennybridge in Wales. Wednesday night then saw a slight rise but still a rather cold -7.3C in Upper Lambourne in central southern England.  

    With a change in the weather on its way this coming week the high pressure is expected to slide more over the near continent, allowing Atlantic low pressure systems to track eastwards and push across the UK. A somewhat milder tropical maritime air mass is expected to penetrate the country from Monday with temperatures widely reaching 12-14C by Wednesday (7th December). However, with the warmer temperatures come with it the unsettled conditions; freshening southerly winds, spells of rain, heavy at times, and generally more in the way of cloud about.

    With more cloud about last night temperatures did not fall quite as low as they have been lately. Last night (Friday night) got to -1.4C at Braemar in Aberdeenshire with the majority of places staying above zero.

    However, before these warmer temperatures come about, Sunday is expected to be rather like today has been; chilly but with slightly more in the way of sunny spells for more places. It should stay largely dry although there is the exception up in the far north of Scotland and the Western Isles where some patchy light rain is likely under the thicker cloud.

    By: Alexi Venerus