Halloween and start of November weather

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  • Halloween and start of November weather
    29.10.2016 17:12


    It may be the end of October, however this Halloween is set to be very mild. Any mist and fog patches lurking will gradually clear to leave a largely dry day with some sunny spells developing later, particularly in the south. However cloudy skies, and light rain or drizzle is expected across Scotland and for some parts of Ireland. Patches of mist or fog will develop after dark and these could locally set the scene for an eerie Halloween evening. A largely dry evening is expected for the majority of the UK – that’s good news if you are intending on dressing up and heading outdoors for evening activities. However in northern regions, you could see some rain, this could be fairly heavy at times…so make sure you cover your Halloween make-up, you don’t want it being washed away.

    This Halloween will be mild, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 17C. However it was only two years ago where the record for the highest Halloween temperature was set, the mercury rose to a balmy 23.6C, this was recorded in both Gravesend and Kew.

    Let’s take a look around the world at the weather this Halloween. If your dreaming of a white Halloween complete with snowflakes then head to Russia where snow showers have been recorded recently. Or if you are looking for something to potentially give you a fright this Halloween, then thunderstorms are expected in southern parts of Turkey. Meanwhile, if you want to escape from the gloomy and eerie feeling of Halloween, then you will find warm weather and plenty of sunshine in Cyprus.

    Looking ahead into November, it will be a mild start to the month, although not as warm as last year.  November 1st 2015 saw temperatures soar to 22.4C, this was recorded in Trawsgoed in Ceredigion, Wales. Some of you may be wondering what will the weather be like for Bonfire night…? Well, it is too far out to give any specific details. However at the moment, it is expected that the winds will shift and instead of originating from a generally southerly direction, they will be expected to originate from the north or north-west. This will lead to colder temperatures, and winds will also be rather brisk at times.  An extra layer is probably a good idea.

    By: Sabrina Lee