A taste of summer this week

  • Satellite picture for the second of June showing the split between the east and the west of UK. Credit of the picture: Meteogroup.

    Sunny spells developing in the east on Saturday afternoon. Credit of the picture: Meteogroup.

    Temperature anomaly for Wednesday at 12pm, 8th of June. Credit of the picture: Meteogroup.

    Temperature anomaly for Monday at 19pm, 13th of June. Credit of the picture: Meteogroup

  • A taste of summer this week
    04.06.2016 16:11

    The first of June marks the official start of the summer time in the UK. Many people expected to enjoy not only dry weather but also warm sunshine. However, this year so far, it has been miserable in eastern areas of the UK with plenty of cloud, breezy and chilly conditions whilst the west enjoyed a dry, sunny and warm spell. What are the prospects for the coming week?

    Many people were expecting to have the first taste of summer after the 1st of June. Those living in the west continued to enjoy summery conditions through the week. However, for these ones living in eastern parts of Scotland and England, the weather was very disappointing this week. The weather turned out to have some similarities with what some people expect during the winter season. In fact, some areas ended up with the first of June being cooler than the first of December last year.  For example, Norfolk was 2 degrees warmer on the 1st of December, the official start of the winter season, than the 1st of June, the official start of summer. Many people even caught a late cold under the unseasonal cool conditions.

    The complaints were about the prolonged chilly north-easterly breeze. The North Sea is still quite cool at this moment and these winds brought a lot of cloud and some patchy drizzle to these areas. The satellite picture showed a split between west and east with places such as Wales, Cornwall or Cumbria enjoyed many hours of summer sunshine while the east was dull and cold. A turn for the better started to occur on Saturday, the fourth of June. After midday, the cloud in the east finally started moving westwards allowing sunnier skies into eastern areas. In contrast, the south-west become rather cloudy.

    These are the prospects for this week:

    Sunday will have long sunny spells but showers may develop in western areas of Northern Ireland, Wales, central southern and south-western areas of England with a risk of thunder. It will be largely fine in Scotland too. Temperatures will rise tomorrow reaching near 25C in the London area and above 20C for many places apart from the North Sea coasts, where it will remain quite chilly for June.

    There looks set to be plenty of sunshine for many on Monday but heavy, thundery showers will develop in Northern Ireland, western Scotland and southernmost parts of England and Wales in the afternoon. Tuesday will see thunderstorms in south-east England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland but it will remain dry and mostly sunny elsewhere. There will be showers in northern areas on Wednesday but largely dry and sunny elsewhere. This day could be the warmest day of the week for many areas with perhaps 26C in places. Mainly cloudy with showers or more persistent rain for many on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, although temperatures will remain comfortably above the 20’s much of the time.

    Unfortunately, the medium-range forecast for next Sunday and the next week are less optimistic with a risk of heavy rain, brisk winds and cooler conditions across the country. Hopefully, you can keep posted by looking at this website, our apps and social networks.

    By: Mario Cuellar