A cool week in Scotland for August

  • Temperatures anomalies show a much cooler temperatures than average on Wednesday for the UK, western Scandinavia, central Europe, the Alpine region and northern Spain.

    The low over Scandinavia and the high pressure over Atlantic will give a cool north to north-westerly airflow much of the week.

  • A cool week in Scotland for August
    06.08.2016 16:01

    A deep area of low pressure developed in the Atlantic on Friday and then moved north-eastwards. It will bring strong winds to northern parts on Sunday, potentially with gales and wind gusts up to 70mph in exposed areas along with showers or longer spells of rain. The south will remain largely dry and warm, although it will become breezy.

    This type of low pressure is more characteristic in autumn and winter when there is a strongest temperature gradient between the Poles and the Equator and a powerful Jet Stream develops but it is rare to see it in midsummer. This system will track east between Scotland and Iceland on late Sunday. The strong winds will be from the south-west until the low moves into the North Sea on Monday morning.

    At this point, the low will slow down and a ridge of high pressure will build in the northern Atlantic, bringing winds from north-westerly direction. This wind will come from northern parts of the Arctic. Even at this time of the year, this airflow is quite cold and will bring down temperatures not only across the UK but also across many parts across west Europe and even in northern Spain by midweek.

    From Monday to Wednesday, maximum temperatures in northern Scotland and Northern Ireland will be between 12 and 15̐° Celsius but the brisk north-westerly winds will make it feel much cooler. Southern Scotland and northern England will have 17-20° Celsius. Further south, temperatures will be in the low twenties. Minimum temperatures in Scotland will be chilly with 6-9° Celsius and even cooler in upland areas. This situation will start to improve on Thursday as a ridge of high pressure in the Atlantic approaches the British Isles and the north-westerly flow is cut-off.

    There will be showers or longer spells of rain in the north on Monday and Tuesday but the south will have sunny spells and just isolated showers. Some of the showers in Scotland could turn wintry on high ground. Showery rain will develop in southern Scotland on Wednesday and will move southwards during the day. It will become mainly fine on Thursday under a ridge of high pressure. However, a milder westerly airflow will bring a frontal system to the north with further heavy rain possible on Friday.

    This Friday and over the weekend, temperatures will return to normal average for most areas and looking into the next week there are indications of a warm spell, although confidence is low at this stage.

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    By: Mario Cuellar