Watch out for rain - WeatherPro now works on your smartwatch!

  • Watch out for rain - WeatherPro now works on your smartwatch!
    03.02.2015 11:19


    If you like the convenience of your smartwatch then you’ll love the new update for MeteoGroup’s WeatherPro app, which now supports Android smartwatches.

    Important weather information is readily available at-a-glance on a stylish interface – the layout follows the design of the familiar analogue clock face, and uses colour to display which hours of the day will see certain temperatures, cloud cover and rainfall.

    This is ideal for users who need the most accurate weather information on-the-go, and fits in perfectly to the busy lives of the every-day user.

    WeatherPro was created by MeteoGroup, Europe’s leading private weather company and developers of a number of bestselling weather apps. Head of Consumer, David Kaiser, said: 

    “Expanding our reach to smartwatch users means that we can make the weather even more accessible to our users. With the growing popularity of smartwatches, we thought it was about time we offered WeatherPro users a stylish and convenient way for people to keep informed of the latest weather.”

    You can download WeatherPro here: