Hotting up

  • A forecast map illustrating the fine weather conditions expected across the UK on Tuesday. Temperatures are likely to hit the mid 20s with some lucky spots hitting 30C.

    GFS forecast map illustrating the warm plume of air which is forecast to push north across the UK early next week.

    Beaches were often crowded during the heatwave of 2003. Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Archive/Press Association Images

  • Hotting up
    13.08.2016 12:17

    The British Isles are set to have a fine spell of weather. An area of high pressure will position itself over central Europe advecting a warm plume of air over the UK early next week. However, numerical weather models have toned down the magnitude of this warmth and temperatures are no longer expected to be extreme.




    Early in the week high pressure will be dominant across the UK with a very warm southerly air-flow developing. Monday will be dry and mostly sunny with temperatures improving above normal in all regions. Temperatures may approach the high-20’s in southern England. Tuesday is expected to be a hot day with plenty of hazy sunshine. Temperatures will be widely in the mid 20s with temperatures potentially hitting 30C in southern England.


    However, by mid-week, a frontal zone looks like developing across western parts of the UK alongside a developing low pressure area, with a band of heavy rain expected due to a sharp boundary between warm/hot air over the UK and cooler air in the Atlantic. This rain is forecast to edge eastwards on Wednesday with the risk of thunderstorms developing in the humid air. The rain could linger for a time on Thursday before clearing away to the east, allowing a cooler air mass to filter in from the Atlantic.


    Looking towards next weekend…

    Some uncertainty for the second half of the week, with previous forecasts simulating a build of high pressure from the west resulting in overall fairly dry and settled conditions. However, it now looks as though there will be the potential for a spell of heavy rain for southern UK next Friday as a low pressure area tracks near the English Channel, then followed by a subsequent build of high pressure. There is therefore the risk that the drier conditions may be delayed until the weekend. Temperatures moderating to near or slightly below normal with a couple of days of weak northerly flows.

    By: Matthew Martin