New Year's Weather Forecast

  • This radar image has been taken from MeteoGroup's raintoday website and shows a band of rain moving south across northern parts of England and into north Wales, and will mean it will be a wet start to 2017 for some people.

  • New Year's Weather Forecast
    31.12.2016 22:06

    For most of us recently we have been clinging onto largely dry and settled conditions all thanks to the high pressure system that has been positioned over western Europe. However, with the high pressure sliding southwards a change is on its way.

    What’s the weather going to be like where you are when the clock strikes midnight?


    A slow moving band of rain will clear during the early evening. Then it will turn drier by midnight, but with some wintry showers over the high ground. Skies will also be fairly clear too, that’s good if your planning on watching the fireworks!

    Northern England

    Unfortunately the rain that was in Scotland earlier in the day is expected to slowly pass over the region…this means if your outside then you’ll be cheering in the New Year with a wet start. 


    Clinging onto mostly drier conditions further south…although the rain is expected here during the early hours. However, in the north it is expected to be wet and cloudy by midnight…maybe it’s a good idea to keep dry inside by the fire with a good ole welsh cake.

    The Midlands

    A few spots of drizzle perhaps in the north at midnight. Luckily the bulk of the rain will hold off by midnight, but it does turn wet soon after. So if your planning on staying out during the early hours, then an umbrella is something to add to your list of things to remember. 

    Southern England 

    A cloudy night, but fortunately for these regions it is expected to remain dry, with nothing more than a few spots of drizzle possible. At least if your planning on jumping around outside to celebrate at midnight...then you’ll be dry.

    Ireland and Northern Ireland

    Most of Northern  Ireland and Connacht will escape the wet weather. For the rest of the country it is set to be rather cloudy and wet, with heavy rain at times…so perhaps  keep dry inside with a Guinness.

    New Year's Day

    It will be a cold start in the north, as the cold front that brought wet weather on Saturday introduced colder northerly air. There will also be some wintry showers in Scotland and along the eastern coast of England. A drier day for Ireland and northern England. Although for the central and southern parts of England and Wales, rain will slowly move through the regions. Turning colder behind this band of rain.

    By: Sabrina Lee