When heatwaves end

  • Maximum recorded temperatures across eastern Europe and the Baltics on Saturday 12th August. Credit: MeteoGroup.

  • When heatwaves end
    13.08.2017 16:17

    After the recent heatwave across southern Europe, temperatures have fallen closer to average here as a cold front pushed across the continent from the north-west last week, sweeping the hot air away to the east.

    Ahead of the cold front, high pressure over Russia on Saturday 12th August led to the hot air being drawn up across eastern Europe. This resulted in very high temperatures, which were widely in the low to mid-thirties stretching from Romania up to Ukraine and even into the Baltic States. Notably Kaunas in Lithuania reached 34.2°C, 12°C above average, while Riga, Latvia reached 32.6C.

    Temperatures in the Baltics then sharply dropped on Saturday afternoon and into the evening as the cold front which had affected central and southern Europe continued to push east, bringing a line of intense thunderstorms which stretched from Finland down into Belarus. On the southern end of the cold front, potent thunderstorms also broke out across the Balkans.

    The cold front continued to track east on Sunday, pushing the hot air away into Russia. As a result temperatures were much lower for the Baltics, with many places seeing maximum temperatures more than 10°C lower than were observed on Saturday.

    Outlook for the coming week
    Through the coming week, another plume of warm air will push north-eastwards across the continent, bringing increasing temperatures for a time, widely in the mid to high-twenties for central and eastern Europe and up to the mid-thirties in parts of Italy towards the middle of the week. However, the warmer conditions will be fleeting across north-west Europe and it will remain generally cool and unsettled for the UK due to the influence of Atlantic low pressure systems. Once again, where the cold air meets the warm (across central Europe), thunderstorms are likely to break out.

    By: Callum Stewart