Royal Ascot 2016

  • Royal Ascot Racecourse. Credit of the Picture: Ascot Racecourse

    Combined map with the probability of thunder and the precipitation for Ascot, this Thursday. The map shows some heavy, thundery showers from 3pm to 6pm. Credit: Meteogroup.

  • Royal Ascot 2016
    11.06.2016 14:41

    This is major social meeting with a good deal of press coverage. Over 300.000 people arrive to Berkshire during the Royal Ascot week. This year the race starts on Tuesday and ends on Saturday, with races taking place between 02:30 pm and 05:35pm. What are the weather prospects for this timing?

    Ascot Racecourse was established in 1711 and Queen Anne was her founder. In the first race, seven horses competed, carrying a weight of 76 kg and running 6437 metres. Every year, the Queen and members of the Royal Family attend the race, arriving with a carriage with the Royal procession taking place at the start of each race day.

    Unfortunately, this week looks quite unsettled with a slack area of low pressure over the British Isles,  giving very light winds but different upper troughs will move in from the west. There will be a lot of moisture around and with the daytime heating, this combination may trigger heavy showers and locally thunderstorms, some of which may give torrential downpours and frequent lightning. It is worth mentioning that it is really difficult to track the exact point of the downpours at this stage but there is a high risk. Let’s take a look at the weather day by day.

    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

    These days will start largely dry and mostly sunny. However, cloud will bubble up, giving slow-moving showers in the afternoon, some of these may fall over Ascot with a risk of torrential downpours, hail and frequent lightning.

    Temperatures will remain near average for this time of the year, at temperatures between 16 and 19C. Generally light westerly winds most of the time, veering north-westerly on Thursday.


    It will be mainly overcast and wet with rain in the morning. This rain is likely to ease in the afternoon but it will remain quite cloudy.  Thunderstorms seem to be unlikely this day but they cannot be ruled out completely. It will feel chillier with temperatures between 14 and 17C. Gentle north-easterly winds


    Current indications suggest a largely dry day but mainly cloudy. However, there will be a risk of isolated showers, mostly light in nature. Temperatures will come back to the seasonal average with highs between 16 and 19C. Light easterly winds.

    Due to the sporadic nature of these thunderstorms and the importance of the event, make sure to follow the forecast on the daily basis on our website, apps or social networks.

    By: Mario Cuellar