Pacific Ocean Tropical Cyclones

  • Annotated MeteoEarth image showing the forecast tracks of Typhoon Phanfone and Typhoon Vongfong in the western Pacific. Image: MeteoGroup

    Forecast track of Typhoon Phanfone. Image: Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC)

    Forecast track of Hurricane Simon. Image: NOAA/National Hurricane Center

  • Pacific Ocean Tropical Cyclones
    04.10.2014 13:00

    The active 2014 typhoon season in the western Pacific continues with two more typhoons being watched closely by forecasters.

    The first is Typhoon Phanfone, which as of Saturday afternoon (BST) was just to the south of Japan. Phanfone is expected to take a more north-easterly track over the next 24-36 hours, meaning it will skirt the east coast of Japan (particularly during Sunday night and into Monday morning local time). Phanfone is a strong typhoon with sustained winds of 120-135mph and gusts of 150-160mph. The storm is also bringing torrential rain as well as very high waves, which could lead to flooding.

    There is the chance that Phanfone may affect the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix race which is being held in Suzuka tomorrow (Sunday 5th October). There is some uncertainty concerning how exactly the race will be affected, but there is the risk of some high winds and heavy rain, so all the teams will surely be watching the radar very closely ahead of the start of the race.

    Once Phanfone has moved north-eastwards away from Japan (from around Tuesday 7th October), the residents of Japan and the nearby islands will switch their focus to Typhoon Vongfong, which is currently to the south-east of Guam. Vongfong is expected to track north-westwards over the next few days, although there is some uncertainty concerning the exact track of this system at present. Vongfong currently has sustained winds of 90-100mph and gusts of 115-125mph. As Vongfong tracks north-westwards across the ocean it will strengthen and by around Tuesday 7th/Wednesday 8th October is expected to have sustained winds of 135-145mph and gusts of 165-170mph.

    It is not just the western Pacific that is being affected by tropical cyclones, over in the eastern Pacific, Hurricane Simon is currently situated to the west of Mexico and has maximum sustained winds of close to 85mph. Simon is expected to track north-westwards over the next 24 hours, strengthening as it does so. However, Simon is then expected to start to weaken from late Sunday or Monday (local time).

    Remember you can keep up to date on the track of all these tropical cyclones via our MeteoEarth website.

    By: Gemma Plumb