FA Cup final weather

  • The contenders of the FA CUP, Crystal Palace and Manchester United. Credit:The Football Association.

    The system that may bring rain to the final. Meteogroup

  • FA Cup final weather
    14.05.2016 15:04

    The climax of the world’s oldest association football competition, the FA Cup Final, will take place next Saturday, the 21st of May at the Wembley Stadium in London. What weather conditions can be expected?

    Thousands will attend the match between the two finalists, Crystal Palace and Manchester United, in London. Weather conditions will affect not only the public but also the pitch. What is the most likely scenario for the final?

    First of all, this week will start chilly but mainly dry in London until Wednesday. On this day a westerly airflow will be established and last for much of the week, bringing spells of rain followed by sunnier periods with scattered showers possible. Despite the high confidence until Friday in the general setup with a low pressure to the north of the UK and the Azores high in the south, there is low confidence about the timings and intensity of these areas of rain.

    Current indications suggest, however, that a low pressure may develop to the south-west of the UK on Friday evening or Saturday morning, giving way to south-westerly winds. The match will kick off at 17:30 on Saturday and at this stage, there will be sunny spells but there will be a risk of showers. If this low approaches quicker, these showers could merge with rain by the end of the match. Having said that, it is worth mentioning that different models do not hint the same situation. Therefore, there is low confidence for Saturday’s weather.

    Due to the uncertainty in the forecast, you can keep posted by following this website, our social media and apps. In the meantime, good luck to the contenders.

    By: Mario Cuellar