United Kingdom Weather

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    Weather Forecast for the UK

    Today (Wednesday): A dry and bright start across the south-eastern quarter with early bright spells however however thick cloud will soon build. Early outbreaks of rain and shower across northern and western areas will spread eastwards during the day to become widespread by the evening and will be locally heavy

    Tonight (Wednesday night): Rain and showers will continue this evening and will be locally heavy and thundery. Overnight rain will ease from most areas with clear spells developing across Northern Ireland and parts of western Britain. Rain will linger across northern England, north-east Scotland and south-east England

    UK Outlook (Thursday and Friday): Tomorrow will be mostly dry with sunny spells but patchy cloud will build and there is a threat of showers. Cloud will linger across North Sea coastal areas. Showery rain in the south-west later. Outbreaks of rain on Friday, these will be largely across England and Wales but brighter further north