United Kingdom Weather

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    Weather Forecast for the UK

    Today (Wednesday): Low cloud, mist or fog to start in many areas with patchy drizzle. Sunny spells will develop in some places, particularly in the west and the south of the UK, but staying cloudy with patchy light rain in the east. Warm in the south.

    Tonight (Wednesday night): Low cloud, mist and fog will form tonight with drizzle in many parts. However, the southwest of England will see a band of heavy showers approaching after midnight with the risk of hail and thunder.

    UK Outlook (Thursday and Friday): Thursday will be rather cloudy and damp with patchy light rain in Scotland. In southern areas of England and Wales, it is expected to be warm and humid with thundery heavy showers likely to break out. Dry elsewhere with sunny spells mainly later. On Friday, north-western Scotland will have light rain. The south of England and Wales will be again warm and humid with heavy downpours. Dry elsewhere with sunny spells.