United Kingdom Weather

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    Weather Forecast for the UK

    Today (Thursday): After any early mist patches have cleared, it will be dry and mostly fine with sunshine, especially in Wales and southern England. East Anglia and northern parts of the UK may be a touch cloudier, but sunny spells are expected to develop in the afternoon and evening. Gentle and variable winds

    Tonight (Thursday night): It will be dry and mostly sunny across the UK in the evening, although there will be patchy cloud in southern Scotland and north-east England. Through the night it will become clear for most areas although fog patches will develop after midnight, especially in the north. Gentle south-easterly winds

    UK Outlook (Friday and Saturday): Tomorrow will be dry, warm and mostly sunny once any early patches of mist and fog clears. A few patches of mist and fog may linger across central and southern Scotland. Gentle south-easterly winds. Saturday will be mostly dry and sunny but heavy showers will develop later in the south and west