United Kingdom Weather

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    Weather Forecast for the UK

    Today (Sunday): It is set to be a fine day with plenty of sunshine for much of the UK, although it will be cloudier and breezier in the far north of Scotland. A little rain is possible for the Shetland Islands. It will remain fine elsewhere with only fair weather cloud expected in places. A gentle variable breeze.

    Tonight (Sunday night): It will be a fine evening with lots of sunshine across the UK. It is then set to be a clear and cool night, although the Shetland Islands will continue to have more in the way of cloud. There is also the risk of a few mist patches around the country in the early hours. A light variable breeze.

    UK Outlook (Monday and Tuesday): Tomorrow will be fine with lots of sunshine and only fair weather cloud in some parts. Feeling very warm. A light to gentle variable breeze. Tuesday will be similar with further dry and fine weather. A gentle variable breeze. Temperatures will continue to be well above average for much of the UK.