United Kingdom Weather

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    Weather Forecast for the UK

    Today (Sunday): Dry for the south-eastern half of England with sunny spells. Elsewhere, cloud is expected to increase from the north-west to give outbreaks of mostly light rain, particularly in western areas. A breezy but milder day for most places.

    Tonight (Sunday night): A band of rain will push south-eastwards across the UK with a fair amount of cloud and patchy light rain, mostly in the west, expected ahead of this. Turning clearer but colder across Scotland, Northern Ireland and later northern England with showers feeding into north-west Scotland and turning wintry.

    UK Outlook (Monday and Tuesday): Lingering rain in the south-east will clear through Monday morning to leave sunny spells across the whole of the UK but with a few showers expected in the north-west. The showers will be wintry over the hills, and perhaps to lower levels at times in north-west Scotland. Breezy. Tuesday will be a generally cloudier day across the UK with the chance of patchy light rain in northern and western areas.