Satellite pictures (visible)

  • Here you can see visible satellite pictures of Europe. Unlike infrared satellites, these cameras take pictures as the human eye would see the earth. So during night hours no information can be seen. The pictures are taken in black and white. Land and water areas which are free of clouds are coloured afterwards.

    Weather satellites observe cloud formations from outer space. There are polar revolving satellites from NOAA and EUMETSAT Metop, which rotate around the earth at low height. However they only fly over any area of the earth twice a day, so constant weather observation is not possible. Here you can see pictures from weather satellites in geostationary orbit at a height of approx. 36,000 km. These satellites take exactly 24 hours to orbit the earth, so are located over the same point of the earth at all times. The pictures (from MSG – Meteosat Second Generation) shown here are being transmitted to earth every 15 minutes. As a standard visitor of our website, you can see pictures with a resolution of six hours. If you register and log in, you can access pictures with a resolution of one hour. In our professional portal you can even find pictures with a 15 min resolution.

  • Satellite pictures