Where will it snow?

  • Where will it snow?
    25.11.2010 16:20

    Radar is a remote sensing tool used by weather forecasters to analyse the extent and intensity of precipitation. MeteoGroup’s inhouse techniques allow us to calculate the type of precipitation that is falling, showing whether it is falling as snow, rain, hail, freezing rain and rain/snow mix. We use different colours to show this as a map-based animation, showing the type and intensity of the precipitation over time. 

    Precipitation type radar is available on a range of our products, including the premium subscription on our WeatherPro app for iphone, ipad and android, and our premium rainfall radar website, RainToday. 

    As snow showers look set to continue in the UK over the next few days, it might be just the time to invest! Have a look at our facebook album for some screenshots