When will winter whistle in?

  • Skiers at the Glenshee Ski Resort near the end of last year's season. Some have already hit the slopes this month, following the first covering of new snow. Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire.

    Forecast minimum temperatures on Saturday night, 16th November. Aside from the mountain tops in Scotland, most areas will escape frost-free.

    However, three days later on Tuesday night, frosty conditions are set to pervade much of the UK, although coastal areas will avoid the coldest conditions.

  • When will winter whistle in?
    14.11.2013 17:30


    Parts of the UK have already had an occasional taste of winter this month, most notably the Cairngorms, where keen skiers are enjoying the first covering of snow. However, next week is set to herald a more widespread wintry snap across the UK.


    So far this week, frosty nights have been toying with different parts of the country, as frontal systems pushed varying air masses across the UK. Monday saw rain and drizzle across much of the country, although this cleared from northern and western parts overnight, allowing the odd chilly spot to develop. Otherwise though, it was not a particularly wintry night. Once the last of the rain had cleared the south-east, Tuesday was a fine day for many areas, leading to a rather cold night for many parts of England and Wales. Most of the UK was spared from frosty conditions on Wednesday night as cloud and rain sank south-eastwards, and blustery showers followed behind.


    And so with just a teaser of cold weather up until now, what is in store for the upcoming week? Well, after frosty conditions across large parts of England and Wales on Thursday night, temperatures are set to return to (or even creep above) their seasonal average for most places through Friday and the weekend. Daytime maximums will reach double figures across large swathes of the UK on Saturday, with north-east Scotland set to enjoy the national high of 14C. A cold front sinking southwards will bring a slightly cooler day on Sunday, before the real change in conditions whistles in on Monday.


    Through the course of Monday, the previous south-westerly flow is set to switch to a north-westerly direction, drawing colder air down from higher latitudes. Rain is forecast to sink south-eastwards ahead of this colder air, with the lofty Scottish Highlands seeing this rain falling increasingly as snow. The trend for the following few days is for cold conditions to persist across the UK, leading to widespread frosty nights. It looks like Tuesday night and Wednesday will see the coldest weather, with overnight lows of -5C possible, followed by daytime highs of only 2 to 5C across many areas. In addition, there is the chance of wintry showers bringing sleet or snow to some central and northern parts.


    So with wintry weather set to sweep in, make sure to find the time this weekend to dig out your winter woollies!


    By: Laura Caldwell