Weather prospects for Wales to reach glory

  • Synoptic situation at sea level for this Wednesday showing a high pressure over Lyon.

    CAPE at the hour of the match for this Wednesday. Near zero values means a settled atmosphere.

    CAPE for Sunday, 10th/07/2016. High values show a very unsettled atmosphere.

  • Weather prospects for Wales to reach glory
    02.07.2016 15:11

    This Wednesday will be an historic moment for the Welsh. After reaching the semi-final, Wales are two steps away from glory in the European Cup and may take the crown from the former champion, Spain. How will the weather be that day?

    This remarkable match will kick off at 8 pm in Lyon, in the east of France.  The synoptic situation shows an area of high pressure over the Azores, ridging across France initially. This ridge will split in two, with one area staying over the Atlantic and the other centred over northern France. Higher levels in the atmosphere also show a settled picture with high geopotential too over the area. Meteorologists use a CAPE index to find out if there is instability between different levels in the atmosphere. CAPE stands for Convective Available Potential Energy. In this case, CAPE is near zero which means a very low chance of showers developing.

    With this setup we can be fairly sure that it will be dry but models are suggesting some cloud near the stadium before starting the game against Portugal. However, sunny spells are expected to develop during the match with plenty of sunshine thereafter. Temperatures will be 23-26C which means almost perfect conditions to play football. So the only ones that could produce lightning with theirs strikes will be Bale and Ronaldo…

    What if do Wales reach the final?

    The final will take place on Sunday in Lyon as well at the same hour. With one week ahead there is low confidence in any forecast.  However, current indications suggest that Lyon will be outside of a ridge of high pressure extending from the Atlantic to western France and relative low pressure over the area.  Looking at the CAPE index, we realise that there will be high values which means a very unsettled atmosphere. Therefore, showery rain may develop during the afternoon, bringing a risk of thunderstorms over Lyon during the match. It will be a fairly warm and humid day with temperatures around 27C.

    It is for sure that if Wales finally wins the European Cup, supporters in the stadium and in the country will go out and celebrate whatever the weather. If you plan to travel to Lyon, please,, keep posted by looking this website, our apps and our social networks.

    By: Mario Cuelar