Weather over Japan

  • Weather over Japan
    15.03.2011 15:01


    There is a scrap of better news for the beleaguered people of Japan today.

    While big aftershocks continue to rock the country it is also threatened by what might be the worst nuclear crisis the world has seen in decades, but the weather is at least cooperating.

    Engineers and technicians at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility plant are striving to cool the reactors but a new explosion and fire today seem to have caused further radiation leaks. Fears remain that a pool containing spent fuel rods could boil its water off, causing the fuel to ignite and send a plume of radiation upwards.

    Any radioactive cloud or debris should, however, be swept away from Japan as light, variable winds become southwest then westerly and increase in strength. 

    As these westerly winds are going to set in through all levels of the atmosphere, radioactive particles should be thrown eastwards, out across the empty waters of the North Pacific.

    No doubt, however, the trajectory will be carefully monitored along North America’s western seaboard.

    By: Stephen Davenport