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  • Figure 2: 12 hour rainfall totals for south-west England and the Channel Islands until midday Saturday.

    Figure 3: Lightning strikes for a 12 hour period up until 2pm Saturday.

  • Weather News
    28.09.2013 13:33

    We have a look at some of the major weather events that have occurred across the globe this week.


    After Australia experienced its hottest summer on record, the country has experienced one of its warmest winters on record and the exceptionally high temperatures have continued into to the start of the southern hemisphere spring. Australia had its warmest winter day on record on 31st August, with some areas experiencing maximum temperatures more than 12C above the long term mean. Inland areas of New South Wales, south Australia and southern Queensland have seen the most exceptional temperatures.  This week has seen the heat continue. On Wednesday, temperatures soared to 32.9C in the Sydney area. At this time of year 20-21C is much more likely.


    Another tropical storm has developed in south-east Asia over the South China Sea. Tropical Storm Wutip is expected to quickly develop into a typhoon as it approaches the east coast of Vietnam. There are some discrepancies in the forecast track of this system, but it is expected to make landfall somewhere along the east coast of Vietnam around 12UTC (1900 local time) on Monday. The storm is expected to generate sustained winds of 75-85mph as it makes landfall, gusting up to 100mph in places. Heavy rain can also be expected, leading to the risk of flooding and mudslides.


    After last week’s tropical storms caused flooding across parts of Mexico, another low pressure system has brought further torrential rain and flooding to the Acapulco area this week. The earlier storms had left the ground saturated and river levels perilously high, meaning this week’s rain had nowhere to go. In parts of the city of Acapulco on the country’s west coast, flood waters reached over 1 metre in depth.


    Closer to home, a rash of thunderstorms has affected parts of south-west England and the Channel Islands today (Sunday), producing some frequent lighting and reports of some localised flooding across eastern areas of Devon. In some of these areas, around 50mm (2in) of rain has fallen since 6am this morning, with more expected through the rest of this afternoon and evening. However, much of the rest of the UK has been dry today with some sunshine in places. Tomorrow will be a largely fine and dry day across the country with spells of sunshine for many, before conditions gradually become more unsettled from the west next week with most areas seeing some heavy rain by Wednesday.


    By: Chris Burton