Unexpected house guests after flooding in Nigeria

  • Recent flooding in the Scottish Borders when the River Tweed burst its' banks. Credit:David Cheskin/PA Wire.

    Aerial view if flooding in York when the River Ouse burst its' banks. Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire.

    Residents in the south-west will be hoping not to see scenes like these in the coming days. A flooded road in west Sussex in June. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire/Press Association Images

  • Unexpected house guests after flooding in Nigeria
    06.10.2012 14:31


    Whilst some northern and western parts of the UK have been suffering from flooding recently after persistent heavy rain, we can at least be thankful that our rivers aren’t home to a number of interesting residents. Flooding in Nigeria has brought an influx of dangerous creatures such as snakes and crocodiles into people’s homes.

    The flooding in Nigeria has been ongoing for several weeks, with settlements along much of the Nigerian stretch of the Niger River and some of its tributaries now experiencing severe flooding. Hundreds of thousands of Nigerians have been forced to flee their homes as virtually all of the communities along this stretch of the river have been submerged, including residential and public buildings, schools and banks. Vast areas of farmland have also been inundated destroying many people’s livelihoods. An estimated 21 of the nation’s 36 states have now been affected by flooding.

    As flood-swollen rivers breached their banks inundating the region, crocodiles, snakes and the occasional hippopotamus were swept across the area too and into flooded homes in the north as one resident discovered this week when he returned to his property to find it occupied by a hippopotamus.

    The flooding is largely a result of excessive rainfall in Cameroon and Guinea, the two catchment areas of the Niger River and the Benue River; which feeds into the Niger. Residents of other flood-prone communities in areas not yet affected, have been urged to relocate as the delta can expect further flood water in the days ahead as heavy rain is forecast to fall across the Niger River catchment areas.

    Back in the UK, southern parts which have had further rainfall over recent are days are experiencing a brief respite before rain is set to return on Sunday night and Monday before gradually clearing east through Tuesday. This is sparking further fears over flooding in those spots already saturated and where river levels are high. Five flood warnings have been issued by the Environment Agency across the south-west, covering the River Harbourne, the River Teign, the River Torridge and the River Dart.

    By: Victoria Kettley