Torrential rains hit Iberia

  • Observed rainfall totals in the 12 hours ending 1800 GMT on Monday 2nd November 2015. Photo: MeteoGroup.

  • Torrential rains hit Iberia
    05.11.2015 15:31

    Heavy rainfall caused disruption across much of Portugal through last weekend and into the start of this week and led to severe flooding in places. Is this unsettled picture looking set to continue through the coming weeks though?

    The tourist region of Albufeira in the Algarve was amongst the worst of the affected areas with 87mm of rain falling in just 12 hours on Sunday. This deluge resulting in flash flooding which left people homeless, swept away cars and uprooted trees. Faro Airport also saw a number of delayed flights due to the adverse weather conditions. As well as spreading across much of Portugal, the heavy rain also pushed over a good deal of Spain and was accompanied by winds gusting up to around 50mph. Indeed, 73mm fell in just 12 hours through Monday in Granadella, Catalonia. However, the rain became less widespread and less intense by Tuesday.

    The cause of the torrential downpours was an area of low pressure which tracked northwards across the western side of Iberia and pushed associated frontal systems north-eastwards over Spain and Portugal, before tracking over the Bay of Biscay and towards the UK through the middle of the week.

    In contrast to the weather conditions of the last week, a broad area of high pressure is expected to be dominant across Iberia through at least the next 7-10 days leading to largely dry conditions with just occasional bands of rain pushing into the north-west. As well as the dryness, it will be much warmer than normal with temperatures widely in the highs teens or low twenties, peaking at 25-28C in the south through the rest of this week.

    So, those who have impending holidays in Iberia should not fret after the recent torrential rainfall, with largely dry and unseasonably warm conditions expected through the next couple of weeks.

    By: Andy Ratcliffe