The Week in Review: Rain and Riots.

  • Riots in Reeves Corner, Croydon.

    Fireman bails out flooded property.

  • The Week in Review: Rain and Riots.
    11.08.2011 15:24


    Scotland’s average rainfall for August is somewhere between 70mm and 100mm, depending on location. This compares with between 60mm and 80mm across the rest of the UK. Over the past 36 hours significant rainfall totals were recorded in Scotland. The unseasonable rainfall amounts were due to a very active front associated with a sharp temperature gradient and a surface low pressure system that moved across Scotland. This initiated flooding across parts of Dumfries and Galloway, the Lothians, Strathclyde and Fife which disrupted some road and rail journeys.
    Millport in South Ayrshire recorded 74mm, Salsburgh in North Lanarkshire recorded 60mm in 36 hours. Across Northern England and north Wales, 56mm was recorded at Bala and 37mm in Capel Curig. Preston in Lancashire recorded 68mm over just a 24 hour period up to 7am on Thursday. These were amongst other notable rainfall amounts across the north of Britain.
    The rainfall over the last few days has been significant, with some locations recording close their monthly average in less than two days! Additionally, the rivers were swollen and the ground was already water logged from last weekend’s rainfall and so this makes the risk of flooding far more likely.
    From 7pm last Saturday to 7am on Sunday, Braemar reported 28mm, while Kinloss, Strathallen, Leuchars recorded 20mm, 27mm and 31mm respectively over the same time period. From 7am on Sunday through to 7pm on Monday a further 21mm fell in Kinloss while nearby Lossiemouth recorded 36mm over the same 24 hour period.

    While Scotland was starting its soggy weekend, riots were taking place in London. They began in Tottenham and Brixton, eventually spilling over to Clapham Junction, Ealing and a handful of other locations on Monday night. By the same time, the disorder had also spread to parts of the Midlands and northern England, reaching Cardiff by Tuesday night.
    It has been suggested that the heavy rainfall across northern England on Wednesday may have acted as a deterrent to the riots and looting. However, this did not seem to deter the rioters in Brixton last Sunday who seemed oblivious to the heavy and thundery downpours. Parts of south-west London recorded 16mm of rain in just a few hours. It is unfortunate that rain could not assist in quenching the fires that were started during the riots.
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    By: Aisling Creevey