The day after tomorrow

  • Storm Jonas from space on Saturday. Image by: Nasa-NOAA

    Storm Jonas from space on Sunday. Image by: Nasa-NOAA

  • The day after tomorrow
    24.01.2016 08:51

    Current conditions are not good in the north-eastern states as storm Jonas drives along the Eastern Seaboard in this classic Nor’easter development, (discussed in the previous story by Matt Dobson).  The now rapidly developing low is pushing against the cold air in the north and as the warm, moist air of the Atlantic meets the cold, dry air over the continent, the moisture is condensed out as snow.

    Yesterday at 1200GMT (Saturday 23rd) 30cm of snow had accumulated in Baltimore and by 1800GMT another 16cm brought the snow depth up to 46cm. Today (Sunday 24th) at 0600GMT the show depth had reached a deep 69cm. In New York City the snow depth was 18cm at 1200GMT yesterday but as the storm approached from the south totals increased to 41cm at 1800GMT. At 0600GMT this morning (Sunday 24th) New York City was under 76cm of snow. The storm has now produced record snow amounts and the subzero temperatures will mean the city will be entrenched for some time as the snow won’t be disappearing any time soon.

    With winds gusting above 90kph in places creating blizzard conditions and huge snow drifts, it’s little wonder that over 70 million people have been told to remain indoors. Flights in and out of the north-east USA have been cancelled as the populace brace themselves for even more snow and wait the storm to clear.

    Here in the UK the mild weather has arrived with a possible record breaker of an expected 15C today. However, the mild weather has come at a heavy cost, as storms now look set to track across the UK in the coming week bringing heavy rain once more to many areas. This will not be welcome news to those who have just seen the flood water recede from the mild and wet December.

    By: John Griffiths