The coldest since?

  • The coldest since?
    29.12.2010 15:42

    The intense cold and deep snowfall at both ends of the year helped to make 2010 the coldest year in the UK since 1986.

    The snowfall may have seemed abnormal given that we had been getting used to relatively mild winters through the past couple of decades, but it would not have been viewed as particularly remarkable alongside some of the snowstorms of the twentieth century.

    After a warm early summer the temperature fell to near-normal values from late July to October, a period during which it was also rather wet at times, although the year as a whole was drier and sunnier than average across the nation.

    Temperatures fell below normal during November then plummeted at the end of the month as snow began.

    There was of course no let up in the frigid conditions through December, which now, according to weather and climatology expert Philip Eden, looks like being the coldest December since 1890.

    By: Stephen Davenport