Temperatures tumble in Turkey

  • Light snow outside the Houses of Parliment, London, as parts of Britain woke up to a covering of snow on Tuesday February 3, 2015. Image: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

    A general view of snow in Athens, Greece in February 2008. Parts of Greece and Turkey are likely to see further snow early next week. Image: Nick Potts/Press Association Images

    Snowfall accumulations expected over southeast Europe during the five days to Tuesday 10th February (as per the ECMWF model). Image: MeteoGroup

    Skiers should enjoy some fresh powder snow on the Alps early next week. Image: John Stillwell/Press Association Images

  • Temperatures tumble in Turkey
    05.02.2015 14:43

    Trying to escape the cold and wintry weather that the UK has experienced recently? You might do better than flying off to the Mediterranean next week. Whilst temperatures are set to make a slight recovery nearer to the seasonal average in the UK, temperatures look like plummeting over Greece and Turkey.

    This weekend, a low pressure system will move eastwards across Italy, bringing heavy rain, mountain snow and thunderstorms before moving across Greece and Turkey. After this low pressure system moves through, it will bring frigid winds from the north.

    Over some of the coastal resorts in Turkey, temperatures are likely to fall from a pleasant 22C on Friday to nearer 6 or 7C by Monday. There are likely to be night frosts, too, over Greece and Turkey and flurries of sleet and snow in places. Even some of the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, such as Limnos, could see a dusting of snow early next week.

    While cold spells, like these, do occasionally occur over Greece and Turkey, snowfall over the islands is rare. Furthermore, in the capital of Greece, Athens, maximum temperatures on Tuesday are likely to be around 3C, more than 10 degrees below the February average. Temperatures are then likely to drop below 0C on Tuesday night in the capital.

    However, there is good news if you are off skiing in the Alps. There has been copious snowfall recently over the northern Alps and the low pressure system that is expected to move through this weekend should bring more widespread fresh snow; up to another 20-40cm on the upper ski slopes. Indeed, skiing conditions look like being excellent once that snow clears through early next week with plenty of fresh powder.

    As those areas of low pressure move away towards south-east Europe, it means that a high pressure system will build near to north-west Europe. This area of high pressure will bring often dry and settled conditions to the UK through the coming week with occasional sunny intervals but a lot of cloud, too. There is likely to be some local frost and fog during the nights but temperatures are expected to be a little higher than recently with winds gradually easing, too. The mildest area is likely to be northernmost Scotland where temperatures may climb as high as 10C by Tuesday.

    So, it appears that the vast majority of the UK is likely to have a break from the sleet and snow showers, for several days at least.

    By: Paul Mott