Sandy and Tony

  • 5 day forecast for Tropical Storm Tony. Image: NOAA

    5 day forecast for Hurricane Sandy. Image: NOAA

  • Sandy and Tony
    25.10.2012 17:03

    This year’s very active Atlantic hurricane season continued this week with the development of two new storms. Tropical storm Tony formed in the mid-Atlantic and headed north-eastwards towards the Azores. At almost the same time, further to the west over the Caribbean, the more powerful tropical storm Sandy was forming, and developing into a destructive hurricane.

    Sandy passed over Jamaica and eastern Cuba on Wednesday and Thursday and headed towards the Bahamas, also affecting western Haiti as it intensified into a category 2 hurricane. The storm generated winds of over 100mph and brought 6 to 12 inches of rain in places causing flooding, and also destroyed houses and damaged crops.

    Over the coming days, Sandy is forecast to continue moving northwards bringing it close to the east coast of the USA. The path of the hurricane becomes uncertain by this stage, and there is a chance that it could move back out into the Atlantic without affecting the mainland. However, confidence is increasing that it will either brush along the coast or move directly towards the north-east coast and make landfall next week. In this eventuality, the storm could have a major impact here, being combined with high tides to increase the risk of coastal flooding in densely populated areas, and it may even draw in cold air coming down from the north, giving a risk of heavy snow.

    The formation of Tony and Sandy make the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season the joint third most active season on record, with 19 named storms occurring so far. With the end of the season still over a month away there is plenty of time for this number to increase, although it has a long way to go to match 2005, the most active season on record with 28 storms.

    By: Tom Tobler