Prospects for Christmas shopping

  • Christmas Decorations and lights at night in Oxford Street, London. Credit of the picture: Press Association.

    An unsettled wet is expected across the UK with spells of rain. Credit of the picture: Press Association.

    Medium-range temperature forecast from 18th to 24th. Credit of the picture: ECMWF.

    Medium-range precipitaion forecast from 18th to 24th. Credit of the picture: ECMWF

  • Prospects for Christmas shopping
    12.12.2015 16:51

    With the final countdown towards Christmas, many people need to go shopping for food, drink and gifts for family and friends. What is the 'shopping weather' going to be? And are there any indications for the Christmas period?


    Any lingering rain, sleet or hill snow will clear eastwards from central Scotland. Meanwhile, a band of rain in south-west Britain will move north-eastwards. However, it will remain largely dry across much of eastern England and Northern Ireland.


    Showery rain for Northern Ireland and Wales will give way to an area of heavy rain which will push in from the far south-west later in the day, but it is expected to be largely dry but rather cloudy elsewhere.


    A wet day for much of the UK with rain for most areas apart from northern Scotland. The rain will be heavy in the south and south-east of England for much of the opening times of shops and supermarkets. However, it will turn dry for most areas during the evening.


    It looks windy and wet in northern and western areas, with the heaviest rain in parts of western Scotland and north-west England. This rain will give way to scattered showers in western areas and Northern Ireland. The far south-east of England will be largely dry during the morning, but it will turn damp in the afternoon with light rain.


    It will be mainly dry in the morning for eastern and southern areas but showery rain will be possible in western areas of Scotland and Wales in the morning. The afternoon will see a spells of rain spreading further east and north.

    December from 19th to 24th

    An exceptionally mild week is expected, particularly in southern Britain. The UK will be wet, with the potential of very high rainfall and flooding events over northern and western parts., with only snow over the Scottish mountains. Strong winds are expected to continue.

    December from 24th to 30th

    Current indications suggest a fairly mild period but confidence is low in the exact details at this stage. However, you can keep posted with our Weather Pro app and WeatherCast website, it may save a shopping day!

    By: Mario Cuellar