Mexico hit by tropical storms

  • Satellite image showing Tropical Storm Manuel and Hurricane Ingrid simultaneously affecting Mexico. Image courtesy of NASA.

    Predicted path of Hurricane Manuel over the next few days. Image courtesy of JTWC.

  • Mexico hit by tropical storms
    19.09.2013 14:08

    The hurricane season is now well underway as Mexico struggles to recover from being battered by two tropical storms simultaneously on Sunday and into Monday.

    Tropical Storm Manual dumped torrential rain on Mexico’s south-western Pacific coast on Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile, Hurricane Ingrid approached Mexico’s eastern Gulf coast, before being downgraded to a tropical storm just before it made landfall near the town of Las Pesca in north-eastern Tamaulipas state on Monday morning. This meant that almost the entire country was experiencing storm-related weather. The last time Mexico was hit by two powerful storms within 24 hours was in 1958.
    The consequences have been devastating; with around 80 people thought have been killed due to flooding and landslides. One of the worst affected areas was the Guerrero state in the south-west where tens of thousands of stranded tourists had to be rescued from the Pacific resort of Acapulco. Widespread flooding has also caused significant damage to the infrastructure, such as downed bridges and roadways that have been washed away. It was estimated that around 20 towns in Guerrero were cut off for more than 2 days. The cost of the damage to the infrastructure could reach $150 millions but this could more than double when damage to houses is calculated.

    Mexico continues to be affected by strong winds and heavy rain as Tropical Storm Manuel has gathered strength as it slowly moved northwards along the Pacific coast. It was upgraded to a category one hurricane on Wednesday with sustained winds of 75mph, and expected to affect the states of Nayarit, Sinaloa and Baja California Sur over the next few days.     

    Up until now, the hurricane season has seen tropical storms struggling to strengthen into hurricanes. It is the first hurricane season to not see any hurricanes in the Atlantic in the month of August since 2002. The first hurricane of the season in the Atlantic was Humberto on September 11th, which is still currently decaying. Elsewhere in the world, Typhoon Usagi is strengthening and expected to possibly clip the far south of Taiwan before heading towards Hong Kong through the rest of the week and into the weekend.

    By: Claire Austin