Ma-On, Bret and Dora

  • Typhoon Ma-On south of Japan. NASA image courtesy Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response team, Goddard Space Flight Center

    The forecast path of Tropical Storm Bret. Image copyright MeteoGroup

    3D visualization of Tropical Storm Bret. Image courtesy of NOAA

  • Ma-On, Bret and Dora
    19.07.2011 14:08


    Typhoon Ma-On moved across the littoral region of the island of Shikoku, Japan, at about 00:00UTC on Tuesday 18th July.

    Highest sustained winds were measured at 138kph as it neared land with much higher gusts. It turned eastwards, with its path forecast to take it just south of Tokyo.

    There was a storm surge up to 1.5 metres above normal, with some coastal roads flooded. More flooding can be expected from torrential rain, spreading farther inland.

    So far there have been a few reports of damaged structures but because winds decreased significantly from their Super Typhoon strength over the ocean most buildings have been left intact.

    On the other side of the Pacific a tropical storm developed south of Guatemala, strengthening to become Hurricane Dora which is forecast to move WNW or NW, more or less parallel with coast of Mexico. It is unlikely to threaten land before starting to weaken in a few day's time.

    In the western Atlantic we have Tropical Storm Bret. This gave heavy rain over parts of the NW Bahamas on Monday but is forecast to weaken as it moves NW across the ocean, staying well to the north of Bermuda.

    By: Stephen Davenport