In the bleak mild winter

  • This image shows the forecast maximum temperatures across the UK for the next 4 days. Temperatures are forecast to be widely well above the seasonal average.

    Only small amounts of snow are forecast to fall across the Alps in the next 10 days, which will not help the current skiing conditions.

  • In the bleak mild winter
    17.12.2015 16:03

    As the popular Christmas song by Bing Crosby goes many people will be ‘dreaming of a white Christmas’ here in the UK, but in fact many areas have been experiencing exceptionally mild temperatures for December recently, with snow and frosty mornings a distant memory.

    Many parts of the UK have been very mild over the past few days with temperatures in the mid teens, well above the seasonal average; this has been due to a deep south to south-westerly airflow. These exceptionally mild temperatures are expected to continue across the UK through the next few days, with maximum temperatures on Saturday 19th December widely reaching 13-16C, with highs of 17-18C likely across parts of England and Wales.

    The current December temperature record stands at 18.3C, which was set on 2nd December 1948 at Achnashellach of the Highlands in Scotland, and this Saturday there is a good chance this record will be challenged. As we go through next week towards Christmas, temperatures are likely to return to around average, but as of yet there are no signs of any cold weather for Christmas.

    It is not just the UK that has been experiencing these mild conditions, in fact quite a lot of Europe has seen above average temperatures recently. On Monday there is a chance that Moscow could see forecast daily temperatures nearly 13C above average. These mild temperatures have not been kind to skiing conditions in the Alps, with many areas not seeing any fresh snow falling in the last week or so. While many of the higher altitude resorts in the Alps are open, many of the mid level and lower altitude resorts are closed or have very limited access, which is very unusual for mid December. Unfortunately, the skiing conditions are not expected to improve in the next week or two, with the mild temperatures and dry conditions likely to continue. Let’s hope Santa doesn’t have any problems in his sleigh.

    Remember you can keep up to date with the forecast for the Christmas period via our WeatherPro app and our Weathercast website.

    By: Gemma Plumb