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  • The mercury should easily be pushing past 20C in many parts of the country next week. Photo: Ian Nicholson/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    It's a little far ahead to be certain but as an example of the expected warmth these are perhaps the sorts of temperature (not to be taken too literally) that we can expect on Thursday next week. Image: copyright MeteoGroup

  • In summary - more summery
    18.05.2012 12:30


    Pack your parkas away for a while. It looks like next week is going to warm up.

    MeteoGroup's forecasters are becoming more confident that temperatures will rise and that it will become drier in most areas, and they have sufficient reason to dismiss ill-founded assertions that it's going to stay cold until mid-June.

    In fact, it looks distinctly warm at times next week in many areas with a lot of dry weather and temperatures easily rising into the 20s Celsius. It wouldn't be surprising if we reached 25C or more somewhere in the second half of next week, maybe in the southeast.

    There will be exceptions, however, and it might be good to stay away from eastern coasts after midweek. The wind is likely to be from the northeast which would make it much cooler there with coastal fog and low cloud.

    By: Stephen Davenport