Hunting high and low pressure.

  • Map of surface pressure across western Europe. Note the red low pressure system near Italy and the blue ridge of high pressure extending over the UK.

    Satellite image of the low pressure system currently affecting Italy and Corsica.

    Strongest wind gusts across Corsica in the hour ending 1000UTC on Thursday 5th March. A gust of 107mph was reported at La Chiappa.

    Forecast of cloud cover across the UK at midday on Saturday 7th March - it should be sunniest in the south-east of England.

  • Hunting high and low pressure.
    05.03.2015 13:55

    The first week of meteorological spring has already seen huge differences in the weather across Europe, with some countries having a relatively settled start to the season whilst others have been hit by stormy weather.

    A deep low pressure system is currently lying over the Mediterranean Sea close to the west coast of Italy. This low pressure system is responsible for some very stormy weather with notably strong winds affecting nearby areas. For example, on Thursday morning gusts of 50-70mph recorded in many locations along the east coast of Corsica, and one station reported a gust of over 100mph. There has also been a good deal of rain across Corsica in the last 24 hours with many stations receiving 20-40mm of rain.

    Meanwhile, whilst low pressure affects southern Europe, much of north-west Europe is sitting under a ridge of high pressure. This ridge has brought generally fine and settled weather to England and Wales in the last day or so. However, Scotland has seen rain pushing in from the Atlantic around the
    northern flank of this ridge.

    There will be little change in this general pattern over the next two days. Southern and eastern parts of the UK look set to remain under the influence of high pressure so should be largely fine and dry and there will be some sunshine. The ridge of high pressure will be centred just to the south-east of the British Isles so the winds will come from the south-west. These winds will draw relatively mild air across the UK, and by Saturday temperatures across England and Wales are expected to peak in the mid-teens Celsius - and perhaps a little higher in the sunniest places.

    Scotland will also see little change in the weather in the next two days, so can expected brisk south-westerly winds to bring further outbreaks of rain, particularly across the Northwest Highlands and the Western Isles. Eastern parts of Scotland should see the best of any dry, bright weather and could also see temperatures hitting the mid-teens Celsius on Saturday.

    Sunday will see the rain in Scotland finally heading southwards to be replaced by sunny spells and showers. The rain will ease as it pushes across England and Wales, and it may not reach the far south-east during daylight hours.

    By: George Goodfellow