Hot weather comes to the UK

  • Accumulated radar from 2pm-3pm on Saturday 27th May showing rainfall from thunderstorms over northern England. Credit MeteoGroup.

  • Hot weather comes to the UK
    27.05.2017 18:02

    This week saw the warmest conditions of the year so far in the UK, as high pressure to the east drew a plume of warm air across the country from Spain.

    Friday 27th was the warmest day with a temperature of 29.4C (84F) recorded at Lossiemouth, Moray. Other locations which reached 28C or above included: Porthmadog (28.9C), Blackpool, (28.6C), Kinlochewe (28.5C), Crosby (28.2C) and Achnagart (28.0C). Due to a south-easterly flow, the warmest temperatures were recorded in north-western areas. This occurs because as air descends down the leeward side of hills and mountains it is heated by adiabatic compression.  This resulted in very high temperatures across the Scottish Highlands. Meanwhile, cool sea temperatures, ranging from 13C in the south to 10C in the north of the UK, meant that many southern and eastern coastal areas were cooler with an onshore breeze. For example, a maximum of only 16.3C was recorded at Boulmer, Northumberland. 

    On Saturday, a cold front pushed east across the country with warm and humid air ahead of it. This brought unstable conditions with thunderstorms breaking out. These became particularly intense across northern England during the afternoon. It then became cooler from the west.

    Outlook for the coming week
    Sunday will be mostly dry in the north with a few bright spells developing but with patchy drizzle in northern Scotland. Southern areas will have a largely dry morning with sunny spells but heavy, thundery rain will push in during the afternoon. Thunderstorms then look to push across southern England during the evening. It will be warm and muggy in the south-east but much fresher than in recent days across the north and west with temperatures nearer average.

    Through the coming week, temperatures will be near average for most, although the south-east will be warm. Low pressure to the north-west of Scotland will bring unsettled weather at times to the north and west with showers and spells of rain pushing through. The south and east will be drier with the best of the sunshine - rather more unsettled by next weekend, perhaps.



    By: Callum Stewart