Heavy rain in Algeria

  • This map shows where the low pressure will stay in situ, delivering heavy rain to Algeria. Image by MeteoGroup, modeled by ECMWF.

    A map showing the precipitation amounts expected over the next ten days - starting on the 2/4/16. Image by MeteoGroup, modeled by ECMWF.

  • Heavy rain in Algeria
    02.04.2016 17:07

    Much of western Europe is currently being exposed to wet and unsettled conditions as the Jet Stream dives down to the west of Spain creating an upper trough over the UK.  The position of the Jet and upper air trough is encouraging a wide area of low pressure to develop to the west of the UK and Spain. Intern, it is these low pressure systems which will be driving rain across the country over the coming 48 hours, from Saturday 2/4/2016.

    However, Europe is not the only place to be affected by these set of conditions, as heavy rain also pushed across Algeria in North Africa last night and this morning, with 23mm recorded over 12 hours in Constantine, around 1/3 of the monthly average. 

    Worryingly for Algeria further heavy rain is expected this week with low pressure to the west of Spain, mentioned above, pushing in on Tuesday. The Low, which will be accompanied by heavy rain and strong winds, will then stall over Algeria as high pressure over the Azores and Eastern Mediterranean will trap the Low. The heavy rain is expected to remain over Algeria until Thursday, this will likely cause very high rainfall totals and flooding with daily totals of 100mm possible.

    With this amount of flooding on the cards the government will surely be looking back to the 2001 disaster which left over 1,000 people dead and many more homeless. It is certainly shaping up to a be damaging event.  

    By: John Griffiths