Heading to Spain this Easter?

  • Spain from Spain. Credit of the picture: NASA

    Mean rainfall and temperatures forecast for Spain at Eastern. Credit of the picture: AEMET and ECMWF

  • Heading to Spain this Easter?
    12.03.2016 15:38

    The week prior to Easter in one of the busiest of the year for the meteorologist in Spain. This is the longest period of holiday since Christmas and many people, inhabitants, foreigners and the tourist sector look at the weatherman to plan holidays and businesses.  A wrong forecast will provoke many complaints and some headaches for the Spanish weather services.

    An analysis published by the Estate Agency of Meteorology (AEMET, in Spanish) in February shows a general vision of the climatic behaviour for Easter across Spain from the 20th to the 28th of March for 35 years, extending from 1971 to 2015. The result points out that the mean temperature across the southern half goes from 12C to 14C, maximum temperatures around 20C and minimum temperatures of 10C. In the north, mean temperatures are close to 8C, maximum temperatures near 14C and minimum temperatures 3C. There is a huge variability in temperatures. For instance, on 25th March 1988 Valencia reached 33.2C, contrasting with an overnight low of -7.9C in Palencia on 22nd March 2007.

    Rainfall can be frequent at Easter. Rain occurred 3 and 4 out of 9 examined days with the heaviest precipitation across Galicia and northernmost areas, while usually it is largely dry in the Canaries. Also, snow is possible in Castilla Leon as well as occasional thunderstorms, giving some hail. There are mainly partly cloudy days at Easter.

    Having said that it is still quite early to provide an accurate forecast but current indications suggest that the weather should remain largely fine during the first weekend of Easter. However, there are hints of wet weather at the start of the week in the west with outbreaks of rain. This rain may gradually move eastwards, affecting eastern areas and the Balearics by the middle of the week. This rain could be heavy and persistent in northern areas, with snow possible over high ground. The weather should settle down for most areas from Thursday onwards, becoming largely dry and sunny but it may remain unsettled in the north-west. Temperatures should be near or slightly below average. Aside from this, the Canaries should stay dry and sunny for much of the week.

    I should mention a saying in Spain: "If Easter starts with warm and sunny weather, it will end up stormy, cold and wet". Also, it applies the other way round. Whatever the weather in Spain this Easter, please, keep posted for the latest information, looking at this website and our social networks.

    By: Mario Cuellar