Glorious at Glasto? Wellies for Wimbledon?

  • The sun will shine at times this week, especially on Sunday (PA Photos)

    Enjoying the great British summer (PA Photos)

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  • Glorious at Glasto? Wellies for Wimbledon?
    21.06.2011 13:38


    With the 125th Wimbledon tennis championships now underway and with keen festival goers soon pitching their tents in those famous Glastonbury fields, it feels like summer has finally arrived. Or does it?! Soggy strawberries and cream featured yesterday at SW19 as the heavens opened during late afternoon, forcing the Centre Court roof to be closed during play for only the 4th time since it was introduced in 2009. And Glastonbury is catching yet more showers today, raising the question of whether the infamous mud will develop once more.

    In contrast to the weather during both June 2009 and June 2010, this month has been rather disappointing so far. Above average rainfall and below average temperatures have predominated, following a fine, warm start. Persistent and cool winds from the west or north-west and low pressure systems tracking across the country on an almost daily basis are to blame. Even the parched south-eastern corner of the UK has received some much needed rainfall after the very dry spring.

    So, is there any prospect of an improvement in weather fortunes for these two iconic British summer events as we head through the rest of this week and into the weekend?

    Unfortunately in the next few days the answer is no. We still have our old 'friend' low pressure anchored across Northern Ireland and Scotland and this will only slowly move away to the east during Thursday. Moisture laden winds from the west or south-west will bring further scattered showers at times, with these most likely to affect both venues during the daytime on Wednesday. Indeed, Glastonbury could well catch some heavy downpours in the afternoon, accompanied by blustery winds and even a crack of thunder. There will be some dry and even sunny intervals between the showers though. Wimbledon is well located to enjoy the lion’s share of these so hopefully there will some reasonable stretches of play on the outdoor courts. Temperatures will be nothing to shout about, with highs of only 16 or 17C for Glastonbury and a slightly warmer 18 or 19C at SW19, still several degrees below average.

    By Friday, we’ll see a welcome ridge of high pressure building eastwards across the country and this should ensure a dry day across both Somerset and south-west London. Temperatures will still be rather low but it will feel pleasant enough in the sunshine and lighter winds; great for enjoying the first day of live music at Glastonbury. Conditions over the weekend will be rather mixed, with Saturday expected to be cloudy for a time with the chance of rain. This is most likely over Glastonbury on Saturday morning, with Wimbledon well placed to get away with nothing more than a few spots of drizzle. As Saturday afternoon wears on it should become drier and brighter and it will also turn quite muggy. Temperatures may well reach 19-20C by late-afternoon.

    And saving the best until last, Sunday is currently looking like a vast improvement on the rest of this week! After a potentially murky start, sunny spells will develop and these look set to become prolonged during the afternoon. With only light winds it should feel glorious with the mercury hitting a rather oppressive 23 or 24C by the afternoon.

    So, whether you are planning on pitching your tent and listening to the sounds of Biffy Clyro and Beyonce, or sipping Pimms and admiring some great forehand volleys, take your waterproof, but always keep those sunglasses to hand!

    Don't forget that you can check website to see where the rain is falling across the country.

    By: Matthew Dobson