Floods in Croatia

  • Floods in Croatia
    23.11.2010 13:08

    While the UK anticipates some seriously cold conditions later this week, the central Mediterranean has been suffering weather of a very different nature.

    Heavy rain and severe thunderstorms swept through Italy on Sunday and Sunday night, then across the Balkans early on Monday. Croatia was particularly badly affected, especially the mediaeval Adriatic resort of Dubrovnik, where torrential rain turned the normally placid streets into raging torrents.

    Nearly 160mm of rain fell in just six hours during Monday morning, and at one point the broad central street, the Stradun, disappeared under half a metre of water, which cascaded down stairwells and hills into homes, shops and caf├ęs.

    The cold weather coming to other parts of Europe is intertwined. More low pressure systems will be forced to track quite far south across the Mediterranean through the rest of this week because of the high pressure in northerly latitudes that is going to push the cold northerly and north-easterly winds across the UK.

    Croatia, however, should become drier and warmer next week.

    By: Stephen Davenport