Easter Weekend Weather

  • Easter egg display at Sandown Park. Photo: John Walton/EMPICS Sport/PA Wire.

    Fog is likely to be a hazard in places through the coming week. Photo: Steve Parsons/PA Wire/Press Association Images.

    When the sun comes out it will feel quite pleasant on Easter Monday. Photo: Philip Toscano/PA Archive/Press Association Images.

  • Easter Weekend Weather
    02.04.2015 14:38


    If you’ve read recent newspaper headlines then you’ll be forgiven for thinking this weekend will see washout, heatwave and wintry conditions, and not necessarily in that order. In fact, it’s looking likely that the weather will be relatively benign as high pressure builds across the UK, with quite a lot of cloud around and light winds.

    Recent Easters have seen quite varied weather, and this is to be expected since spring is a transitionary season as the sun brings a greater influence to the Northern Hemisphere. The late Easter weekend of 2011 saw remarkably high temperatures, with parts of the south seeing the mercury rise to 27C. On the other hand, it was unseasonably cold during the Easter of 2013 following one of the coldest Marches on record where significant snow falls occurred in places.

    The good news for the UK is that after the rain has cleared on Good Friday, this coming Easter weekend is likely to be more settled compared to recent days as high pressure builds from the west. Remember that high pressure is associated with sinking air in the atmosphere thus limiting the opportunity for the formation of precipitation. However, high pressure can also mean that air can become trapped and slow to move, and with the air being fairly moist this weekend there are likely to be large areas of cloud extending across the country. The cloud may even be thick enough to give a few spots of drizzle, as well as the potential for dense fog patches to form overnight due to the light winds.

    Temperatures are also looking quite reasonable by day with maximums widely in double figures, and by Sunday the thermometer may rise to 16C in places should the sun break through sufficiently. However, there could be lingering mist and fog across coastal districts, especially those bordering the Irish Sea and southern North Sea where it may feel quite chilly.

    Looking further ahead, it is likely that the high pressure will continue to dominate the weather across the UK on Easter Monday and through much of next week as it only gradually migrates east towards the near continent. A continuation of the dry and settled conditions is therefore to be expected and it will feel quite pleasant in the sunshine (One or two spots could even see maximums of up to 18C on Monday). Watch out for poor visibility in the mornings, though, as there could still be dense fog patches developing through the overnight periods.


    By: Nick Prebble