Easter and Wedding weather

  • Easter and Wedding weather
    21.04.2011 13:41

    With Easter falling so late this year there was always a chance that it was going to be warmer than usual. The temperatures that forecasters at MeteoGroup are expecting, however, could put all previous Easters in the shade.

    On Easter Saturday 1949, April 15th, the temperature rose to 29.4 degrees Celsius at Camden Square in London, the highest April temperature ever recorded in the UK.

    Breaking that record is unlikely this weekend, although some areas, mainly in the southeast, could see 27 or 28 degrees. The heat looks like being sustained until the beginnings of a cool-off on Easter Monday, and the warmth will be rather widespread, so on average across the country it could be a warmer Easter than 1949.

    A few areas will be much cooler, though, especially towards coasts of eastern Scotland and northeast England as winds bring mist and greyness from the North Sea.

    By the time April 29 rolls around the heat will have abated, which is probably just as well for a certain betrothed couple and their guests at Westminster Abbey. For people bedecked in military uniforms, morning suits, ermine and wedding dresses the expected maximum temperature of 19 or 20 Celsius should be far more tolerable.

    As far as the weather is concerned, there is still some doubt one week away from the event. The probability at the moment leans towards a largely dry and bright day but conditions do look like becoming more unsettled in London towards the end of next week, and it is certainly possible that showers could break out early and mar the celebrations.

    MeteoGroup will keep the forecast updated, of course, and on the day you can keep any eye out for any rogue showers on the rainfall radar at RainToday.

    And the heat map will keep you abreast of the changing and forecast temperature across the country.

    By: Stephen Davenport