Cold spreads west and south

  • Fresh snow accumulations forecast between Tuesday 31 January and Sunday 05 February.

  • Cold spreads west and south
    31.01.2012 16:19


    Powerful high pressure over NW Russia, Finland and Scandinavia will send frigid air across the British Isles during the coming few days but it will be a largely dry cold.

    Aside from a few snow showers here and there, chiefly towards eastern coastal districts, it will be essentially fine but temperatures are going to drop below -8 deg C in places overnight, with daytime highs no better than about 2 deg C on Thursday and Friday. Some places will struggle to rise above freezing.

    The deep cold is widespread and has already been responsible for deaths in mainland Europe. It will spread surprisingly far south, and deliver snow to countries around the Mediterranean – even the hills and mountains of Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica.

    Most remarkably there could be snow at relatively low levels in North Africa, although it is unlikely to settle. However, there could be reasonable amounts accumulating over the Atlas mountains - very welcome news for ski tourism in Algeria and Morocco.

    By: Stephen Davenport