Christmas weather around the world

  • Forecast snowfall across the Northern Hemisphere on Christmas Day.

    North Hemisphere Snow Cover on 23rd December 2011. Note the lack of snow across western Europe. Source: NOAA.

    Forecast development and track of the cyclone to the north of Australia. Source: Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

  • Christmas weather around the world
    24.12.2011 15:10


    As the UK is expected to have a mild Christmas with highs of between 11 and 14 Celsius, it is almost certain that nowhere in the country will have a white Christmas this year. However, what are the prospects for a white Christmas across the globe?

    Along with the UK, much of the north and west of Europe will experience rather mild conditions for the time of year on Christmas Day. This is in contrast to last year, when much of north-west Europe (including parts of the UK) were covered in a blanket of snow. The only prospects for snow are across northern and western parts of Scandinavia, the higher ground of the Alps, as well as parts of the Balkans and eastern Europe. In fact, Greece has been experiencing lower than average temperatures this week as a deep area of low pressure moved east across the Aegean. This has dragged cold air from eastern Europe across the country, giving ice and snow to northern areas.

    Over in North America, many areas are also likely to experience a green Christmas. The Midwest and Great Plains regions of the USA are expected to have rather warm temperatures for the time of year, as well as many central parts of Canada. Edmonton, Alberta will have highs of 8C on the 25th, some 14C above the normal for this time of year. Therefore, the snow across much of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan is expected to melt.  Snow will fall in some areas, however, with the Rocky Mountains expecting another 15-20cm of snow. Many eastern areas of Canada can also expect to see some falls of snow.  In the United States, the Great Lakes Region and Maine are also likely to see a few wintry showers. A band of rain will also push into the Pacific Northwest, and this will readily fall as snow on the higher ground of Washington State and Oregon.

    Japan will have a rather chilly Christmas with snow and freezing temperatures across the northern half of the country. However, it will be milder across more southern areas.

    With Australia located in the southern hemisphere, Christmas falls during their summer season. Sydney will have a largely sunny day with highs of up to 25C, and with temperatures soaring to 32C in Perth. However, a tropical cyclone is expected to develop in the north overnight into Christmas Day, reaching Category 2 strength with predicted winds of up to 70mph. Current forecasts expect the storm to make landfall near Port Stuart, Northern Territories sometime late Christmas Day or early Boxing Day.

    Merry Christmas!

    By: Chris Burton