Big Sweat

  • Big Sweat
    07.02.2011 12:52


    After Cyclone Yasi brought a further deluge to Queensland, Australia, it was the turn of Victoria and parts of New South Wales to suffer torrential rain and floods, severely impacting agriculture and destroying several potato and asparagus crops.

    On Friday night some parts of Victoria had 100 to 150mm of rain in just a few hours causing flash floods but the waters are now receding.

    In eastern New South Wales the Big Wet has recently been less of a problem than the Big Sweat. In Sydney and its suburbs on Sunday the temperature rose to the mid or high 30s Celsius for the seventh day running.

    Saturday was particularly hot, with the temperature at Sydney airport rising to 42.2 degrees Celsius and every observing station within miles of the city exceeding 40 Celsius.

    Since records began in 1858, Sydney has never experienced such consistently high temperatures, the previous record being five days in a row of temperatures above 30 Celsius. However, the heatwave broke on Monday with temperatures only rising into the low to mid 20s as a “southerly buster” set in.

    By: Stephen Davenport