Bank Holiday Weekend Weather

  • A mixed weekend of weather ahead. Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Archive/Press Association Images.

    Forecast synoptic chart for midday Saturday 24th May.

    Forecast synoptic chart for midday Sunday 25th May.

    Forecast synoptic chart for midday Monday 26th May.

  • Bank Holiday Weekend Weather
    22.05.2014 14:09


    Much anticipation is often held for what the weather will have in store for the late-May Bank Holiday, especially with summer just around the corner. Whether it’s attending festivals, excursions to the seaside or simply taking time to relax, the meteorological conditions can play an important part in planning the weekend ahead.

    In order to establish the most likely conditions though the coming days, forecasters must firstly take a look at the synoptic set-up via weather charts. This week has seen slow-moving and quite shallow areas of low pressure situated around southern parts of the UK. Of course, low pressure is often related to unsettled weather as air is forced to rise in the atmosphere, and this has been the case over the past few days with showers and longer periods of rain in places. The low pressure systems have also interacted with warm air over the near-continent helping to keep temperatures a couple of degrees above average, but this in turn has had the impact of giving more energy to the showers and leading to the development of thunderstorms.

    The first part of this weekend is likely to see the unsettled conditions continuing as low pressure will be present over central and southern parts of the UK on Saturday, with an associated front tracking northwards over England and Wales. This will initially bring a band of rain, followed by sunshine and heavy or thundery showers in an unstable air mass. The best chance of any dry weather is likely to be across Scotland and Northern Ireland, but even here there will be some patchy rain. Temperatures will also be quite disappointing with highs of 16C in the south-east.

    Sunday will see the low pressure sliding north over Scotland, with a combination of warm, moist air and natural vertical motion in the atmosphere aiding the development of heavy showers. The focus of the showers will be from the Midlands northwards with the potential for a few further thunderstorms, but they can’t really be ruled out anywhere in the UK. As with the nature of showers there will be parts that will stay dry and spells of sunshine are to be expected. Slightly warmer than Saturday, too, with highs of 19C in the south-east.

    An improvement in the weather is then forecast into Monday as high pressure builds from the south. In contrast to low pressure, this is often associated with dry and settled conditions as the action of sinking air helps to limit the development of showers as the atmosphere is more ‘stable’. Much of the UK will therefore be dry with sunny intervals and variable clouds, although one or two isolated showers cannot be completely ruled out in the heat of the day. Temperatures should be in the mid or high teens quite widely, with 20C possible in the south-east.


    By: Nick Prebble