An exceptionally mild week

  • Trawscoed location. 22.3 reached the 1st of November.

    Positive anomalies expected for Tuesday.

    Near average temperatures or slightly below in the north expected next Saturday.

  • An exceptionally mild week
    07.11.2015 17:14

    A persistent southerly to south-westerly airflow this week has maintained temperatures well above average across the UK, with even a new maximum temperature record for November in Trawscoed last Sunday.

    The temperature at Trawscoed reached 22.3C the first of November establishing a new high record for November in the UK. The next day, the temperature was slightly cooler. The previous record for November was set on November 4, 1946 in Prestatyn, North Wales at 21.7C.

    It is worth mentioning that just across the mountains to the east, at Llysdinam, Powys, it was only 13.8C. This is a good example of the Föhn effect, that occurs when a humid airflow goes upslope whilst losing its moisture and then travels downhill, with a higher lapse rate on dry air than on moist air, increasing air’s temperature.

    Not only was the outstanding record achieved, but also the remarkably mild temperatures for many areas in November, with virtually no frost for England and Wales so far this Autumn. This has allowed trees to maintain much of their foliage. Maximum temperatures this week were well above average for November, overpassing comfortably 15 C in many areas, such as Braemar, Aberdeenshire at 17C, the 3rd of November, Rhyl, Denbighshire at 16C, the 4th and Frittenden, Kent at 16C, the 5th.

    The week ahead

    With an intense jet-stream in place across the North Atlantic the weather is expected to remain quite mobile and southerly to south-westerly winds are expected to continue. There will be frequent periods of wet and windy weather, with the risk of stormy conditions from time to time, this is more likely in northern areas.

    Rainfall amounts will be above normal in the north while air temperatures are likely to remain above normal too, although there are some signs of more near-average temperatures towards Friday and the next weekend due to a greater chance of north-westerly winds.

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    By: Mario Cuellar