A wintry end to April…again!

  • Forecast temperature anomalies for the next week. Photo credit: MeteoGroup.

  • A wintry end to April…again!
    22.04.2017 18:07

    Although we are approaching the last month of this spring, the end of April 2017 will look like more as winter with temperatures falling 10C below the seasonal average thanks to cold northerly winds coming directly from the Arctic. Cold temperatures will be associated with brisk winds and wintry showers, especially for central and northern parts of UK.

    The beginning of April 2017 was extremely warm here in UK, especially across Britain, where 25.5C was recorded in Cambridge on the 9th of April and 25.4C in London thanks to warm southerly winds from the near continent. Thereafter, the Azores high pressure remained centered most of the time to the south and west of the UK, allowing cooler westerly and north-westerly winds to flow over the British Isles and bring temperatures close to the average of this period.

    Although, the synoptic configuration is set to change significantly by the beginning of next week, when an area of high pressure will build to the north-west of UK. At the same time, an area of Low pressure will move across Scandinavia, creating the perfect “slide” for the cold air from the Artic to push south towards the UK. This synoptic pattern looks very similar to the last week in April 2016, when the UK experienced an intense cold spell with some frost and wintry showers.

    The Arctic air will be introduced by a cold front that will move southwards on Monday, bringing some spells of rain and drizzle. Behind this front the weather will become very unsettled with wintry showers moving in across Scotland and norther England, especially in eastern areas. The showers will then tend to merge into longer spells of rain, sleet and snow during the day, but some thundery showers with hail mixed in will be possible too. The weather will remain unsettled on Tuesday and Wednesday with showers, often wintry, and maximum temperatures struggling to reach 10C in southern areas, while in Scotland they may not even reach 5C through the day. During the nights temperatures are expected to deep around or even below freezing with some touch of frost.

    At the moment, the temperatures look set to start to recover after Thursday thanks to more westerly winds, although it may take a few days to reach the seasonal average again.

    By: Alessio Martini