A wet start to December

  • This image shows the accumulated rainfall totals in mm for the next 10 days. Parts of north-west Scotland, Cumbria and north-west Wales could see rainfall totals of more than 200mm (8 inches) during this time period.

    This image shows the forecast 6 hourly wind gusts across the UK between 18:00 Friday 4th December and 00:00 Sunday 6th December.

  • A wet start to December
    03.12.2015 16:09

    It has been a wet start to winter across parts of the UK, noticeably northern and western areas, with further very wet and windy weather expected through the next 10 days at least as a succession of deep Atlantic low pressure systems track near to or across the UK.

    The 1st of December not only marks the start of the advent calendar season it is also the official start of the meteorological winter, whilst the start of the astronomical winter season is the 21st December. This year, winter has started on rather a soggy note with parts of north-west Scotland and north Wales seeing over 35-45mm of rain in the first two days of December. In fact in 48 hours, Capel Curig in North Wales recorded rainfall totals of 52mm (just over 2 inches of rain), with Achnagart recording 56mm of rain and Kinlochewe reporting 35mm.

    This pattern of wet weather is expected to continue through at least the next ten days, with northern and western parts of the UK bearing the brunt of the heaviest rain. A very mild and moisture laden south-westerly wind flow, originating from the sub-tropical Atlantic ocean, will bring very high rainfall totals, particularly across north-west Wales, Cumbria, western Scotland and Northern Ireland. Across parts of these areas more than 200mm (8 inches) of rain is likely to fall, especially on the hills. These very high rainfall totals will cause the ground to become saturated and this combined with rising river levels could bring flooding to some areas, so it is worth keeping an eye on the Environment Agency website, who issues the flood warnings. In contrast, southern and eastern parts of England are expected to see much lower rainfall totals, as a ridge of high pressure here tends to steer the most active frontal systems away to the north.
    The heavy rain is expected to be accompanied by spells of strong, gusty winds too. Through the day tomorrow (Friday 4th December), southerly winds are expected to strengthen steadily across the UK, peaking in strength across northern and western parts of the UK and Ireland towards the end of the day and then overnight. Wind gusts of 55-65mph are expected quite widely across Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, northern England and exposed parts of Wales, with gusts of over 65mph possible locally. Exposed parts of western Scotland are at risk of wind gusts reaching up to 70-80mph for a time. The windy conditions will then continue through the day on Saturday across the UK, with the strong, gusty winds then easing gradually during Saturday night and into Sunday.

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    By: Gemma Plumb