A weather trick or treat this Halloween?

  • Pumpkin carving is very popular during Halloween. Image: Chris Radburn/PA Wire.

    Synoptic chart showing the south to south-easterly airflow across much of the UK at midday on Saturday 31st October 2015.

  • A weather trick or treat this Halloween?
    29.10.2015 16:08

    Halloween last year was the warmest on record across parts of the UK with Kew Gardens in London and Gravesend in Kent both recording maximum temperatures of 23.6C, beating the previous record of 19.4C which was recorded in 1968 at Margate, Kent. So what does Halloween this year have in store for all the ghosts and ghouls?

    Halloween, also known as All Saint’s Eve, this year is expected to be another very mild day across a lot of the UK, but it is not going to be as warm as last year, so unfortunately no records will be broken.

    High pressure has been sat to the east of the UK while low pressure has been stuck to the west over the last few days and this setup is expected to continue through the weekend and into next week. As a result, a south to south-easterly airflow will continue to affect a lot of the UK, bringing up mild/very mild air across the country.

    On Saturday (Halloween), it is expected to be mostly cloudy and breezy across northern parts of the UK through the morning with spells of rain. However, during the afternoon the rain is expected to clear, leaving the rest of the day mainly dry with some sunny spells breaking through. Further south across the UK it is expected to be a dry and fine day with some sunshine. Highs of 14-18C are expected across the UK, which is a few degrees above average for this time of year.

    As the sun goes down and the witches and wizards start to come out, it is expected to be a predominantly dry and settled night across the UK with some clear spells, but also plenty of cloud around. The winds will be light and so mist and fog are expected to form, with the fog becoming dense in places, leading to spooky conditions for some trick or treaters, and poor flying conditions for anyone venturing out on their broomsticks.

    If you’re heading out this Halloween remember to check the Weatherpro app for the latest weather in your area.

    By: Gemma Plumb