A look at World weather

  • Forecast temperature map for Friday 26th May in Europe. Credit MeteoGroup.

    Forecast rainfall over India in mm (land only) from 00GMT Sunday 21st May to 00 Thursday 25th May. Credit MeteoGroup.

  • A look at World weather
    21.05.2017 17:14

    Warmth and storms in Europe
    Very warm conditions were experienced across much of continental Europe over recent days as high pressure brought a warm air mass from Africa.

    On Wednesday 17th May, temperatures were widely in the high twenties Celsius across France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. However, Thursday saw much cooler conditions for France and the Low Countries as a slow moving cold front pushed east, bringing widespread thunderstorms.

    Ahead of the cold front, very warm conditions were still seen on Thursday and Friday, with temperatures in the high twenties in Germany and in the mid-twenties across Poland and Sweden. On Friday a maximum of 31C (88F) was recorded in Berlin, 13C above the May average.  As the cold front pushed across Germany on Friday, severe thunderstorms were seen with local flash flooding. Temperatures then returned near to average in Germany on Saturday, reaching the mid to high teens.

    Through the coming week, warmer conditions are set to return to western parts of Europe, especially across Spain along with southern and western France, where temperatures are expected to reach into the thirties later in the week. High temperatures are also expected in the UK, especially for south-east England.

    Severe Thunderstorms in the USA
    An outbreak of severe thunderstorms occurred in central parts of the USA on Tuesday 16th May. The storm system covered a large area, from Texas all the way to the Great Lakes. There were over twenty reports of tornadoes. The storms brought damage to homes and killed two people.

    South Asian Monsoon
    The arrival of the South Asian monsoon across the Indian mainland is expected soon as south-westerly winds have brought increased thunderstorm activity across the far south. Very high temperatures have been recorded across India this week, as is typical ahead of the monsoon arrival. Temperatures have reached the mid-forties across some areas. On Thursday, a maximum temperature of 47.3C was recorded in Machilipatnam in eastern India. Over the next month, the monsoon should progress north-west across India, bringing much needed rainfall and cooler temperatures.



    By: Callum Stewart